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Attachment chains

Hitachi Inspire Series SBR® attachment chains are available in a wide array of sizes and configurations. Built in our strategically located service centers in Kennesaw, GA and Portland, OR these premium series products are available for fast delivery (24-72 hours). We stock both standard and the hard to get non-standard wide contour and double lug attachments in both carbon and stainless steels. These chains are appropriate for use in a variety of industries and applications. Hitachi is commited to keeping users up and running with the best combination of delivery and performance available anywhere.

Thermoformer Spike Chain

50 Thermoformer chain can be supplied in a variety of arrangements depending on the Original Equipment Manufacturer’ specifi cations. The chains may be riveted or all spring clip construction. Spring clip construction is more expensive but allows for easy change out if a spike gets dull or damaged. Sometimes an SK-1, or SK-0 attachment is supplied on the roller link in the direction opposite the spike and is used as a rail guide. The spacing of the guide attachment is usually every 8th although sometimes it can be located every 6th or 4th but always on the roller link.. D-3 attachments are typically furnished as shown but occasionally they may be spaced every 4th, 6th, or 8th, or may not be present. Stainless Steel Sticker Chains 40 Stainless Steel Sticker chains are made from 304 austenitic stainless steel and used mainly in the poultry industry to convey the gizzard through a processing machine. Book Binding Chain Book Binding chains possess are used on saddle binding machines to convey sorted and collated books or magazines for trimming and stitching. The user inserts plastic spacers into the square holes of the chain’s saddle attachment to accommodate the size of the book or magazine. These chains are supplied in carbon steel, carbon steel with nickel plated saddles, or all nickel plated.

Free Flow Chains

ASME/ANSI Top Roller chains are available with steel or engineered plastic top rollers on every link or every 2nd link. These chains are often used on accumulating conveyors. Note that the top roller diameter is different depending on the attachment spacing. The base chain may be carbon steel, nickel plated, Perfect Coat PlusTM, or stainless steel.

Triple Speed Plastic Roller Chains

Triple Speed chains are used primarily on accumulating assembly line conveyors. This chain operates in a specially designed aluminum track. Small rollers turn the large rollers by friction as the chain travels in the track causing materials on the top of the chain to travel at approximately 2.5 times the linear speed of the chain. These chains are often available in carbon steel or nickel plated.