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Sprockets for conveyer chains

A variety kinds of sprocket wheels are available, such as sprocket wheels for power transmission roller chains, malleable chains and conveyor chains. The chains are driven smoothly with little wear and with small power consumption due to Hitachi Sprocket Wheel with utmost precision in dimension and high resistance to abrasion.

Sprocket for Standard Conveyor Chain

Mismatching of chain and sprocket will hurt smooth operation as well as shortening life of both chain and sprocket. Important points for sprocket are as follows.

  • Teeth contour and pitch must be accurate and uniform.
  • Sprocket must have strong wear resistance.
  • Sprocket structure must be robust with high shock resistance.

Sprocket for Cast Chain

The sprocket we manufacture is based on many years of design experience. Ductile cast iron (FCD600) is the standard material of sprockets for cast chain. If the application requires, we also manufacture sprockets with surface hardened tooth tips for higher wear resistance.

All Plastic Sprocket

Conventional type sprocket for plastic chain was combination of plastic teeth and cast iron boss, which brought heavier weight and corrosion at boss area. All plastic assembly type sprocket was developed to solve these problems.

Replaceable Segment Teeth Sprocket

Replaceable segment teeth sprocket is composed of main body and one piece type of segmented teeth insert bolted to the body. Main body is made of structural steel, and teeth inserts are made of stainless steel or plastic. Segmented teeth inserts can be replaced by only removing bolts.