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Roller chains

ANSI and BS Inspire Series SBR standard roller chains – DIN 8187, DIN 8188, ISO-R606 standards

Components of our new INSPIRE SERIES SBR® roller chains are coated with a film of stainless steel achieved through a proprietary blast treatment. The film works with the high quality pre-lubricant to protect the chain from corrosive attack and extend life. The blast also gives the chain an enhanced silver color appearance.

Compressive stress has long been known to improve fatigue strength. Sources of compression in existing chain products include shot peening, high interference fits between pins, bushings and side plates, and the carburized zone found on pins and bushings. Our unique patent pending "Hi-Energy Mechanical Process" imparts substantial compressive stresses to the chain components (see chart right) resulting in a 45%-50% increase in fatigue strength. Horsepower ratings as well as the rated working loads are the highest in the world.

Heavy Series Roller Chains

Heavy Series roller chains are built for heavy duty power transmission applications which require additional shock load capacity or link plate strength. They are dimensionally equivalent to the ASME/ANSI standard chains, except that the link plates are one size thicker.

Double Capacity Roller Chains

Double Capacity Roller Chain Specifications Double Capacity roller chains possess twice the number of link plates and therefore twice the ultimate strength of standard single strand roller chains. They are primarily designed for high load hoist, pull down, or other tension linkage applications, and operate on standard ASME/ANSI single strand sprockets with hardened teeth.

Double Pitch Roller Chains

Double Pitch roller chains are produced in accordance with the ASME/ANSI B29.3 (Transmission Series) and B29.4 (Conveyor Series) American roller chain standards. In general, these chains are dimensionally similar to ASME/ANSI standard products except that the pitch is double. They are available in the Transmission Series, Conveyor Series with standard sized roller, and Conveyor Series with large (oversized) roller.

Corrosion Resistant Chains

Hitachi Maxco, Ltd. offers a variety of corrosion resistant products to suit the particular needs of almost any application. These range from coated, or plated carbon steels to a number of stainless steel types that may be selected based on the desired combination of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to extremes in temperature.

Maintenance Free Roller Chains - ASME/ANSI Standard Self-Lubricating (SL) Chains

Self-Lubricating (SL) roller chains feature oil impregnated sintered steel bushings, which release oil during operation to the critical pin/bushing bearing area, and reabsorb it when the chain is at rest. These chains never need to be lubricated in service and will operate in temperatures from 4°F to 315°F. Hitachi Self-Lube chains are rollerless and possess oversized sintered steel bushings which operate on standard ASME/ANSI sprockets. Caution: The ultimate strength and working load ratings of SL series chains are less than their standard carbon steel counterparts and should be considered when replacing existing carbon steel chains.

Hollow Pin Chain Products

Hollow Pin chains offer versatility in conveyor design, and allow for the insertion of through rods or other attachments. Hitachi Hollow Pin Chains feature cold forged seamless hollow pins for greater dimensional accuracy and superior wear performance. Also available in Double Pitch, Self-Lubricating, Stainless Steel, Nickel Plate or Perfect Coat PlusTM

Side Bow (Curved) Roller Chains

Side Bow (curved) chains are designed to allow operation around a curve. They are produced with barrel shaped pins and additional pin/bushing, and link plate clearances which allow for travel in a curved path and/or chain twist.