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Conveyor chains

Hitachi Engineering Class Roller Conveyor Chains are available with a wide variety of attachments for general and heavy duty conveying service. Chains are produced with high quality steels and precise manufacturing controls. These chains are available with special materials, plating or coatings to operate successfully in a wide variety of challenging environmental conditions including high or low temperatures, corrosive applications or abrasive conditions. Hitachi’s experienced application engineering department can assist with the correct selection or application of these products.

ATC Chain / Pot

ATC Chain is used to organize automatic tool changer of machining center and are designed to pursue high accuracy and durability. Unit type (HLP and SAW), Gripper Steel Pot type, and Plastic Pot type are available.

Escalator Chain

Hitachi Metals Techno is providing premium accuracy chain for escalator to keep high safety and comfort.

Case Conveyor Chain

Case conveyer chain is used for carrying powdered material running vertically , horizontally and on inclination. Suitable attachment to each material are available. Among them, forged chain has simple structure with pin and body combined and is good to carry sticky material.

Parking Tower Chain

Parking Tower Chain is used mainly at carousel-type multilevel parking facilities in big cities. Hitachi is providing highest performance design with light weight, toughness, long life by high accuracy and best suitable heat treatment.