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Chains for water treatment systems

Hitachi Maxco, Ltd. offers a wide variety of products and components for use with every type of wastewater treatment facility equipment. Our extensive research into manufacturing methods plus many field tests conducted at plants across the nation have resulted in products of proven safety and quality. We accept the challenge of commitment by our demonstrated design expertise and product innovation.

NM 720S Non-Metallic Chain

Hitachi Maxco's latest generation of non-metallic 6" pitch collector chain features many enhancements to insure a long productive life in a wide range of applications and service conditions. Manufactured of Acetal Resin, the chain link has a smooth finish with a very generous cross-section. The pin press-fits into the sidebar with a "T" head interlocking arrangement and is secured without the use of pins or cotters.

HB 78 Stainless Steel Chain

Superior resistance to wear and corrosion of any 78 series chain. Stainless steel construction offers high load, chemical and corrosion resistance and extremely minimal stretch, especially when compared to non-metallic NH-78 style chains. Toughest chain for the harsh extremes of clarifier drives and similar applications. Economically priced this chain is ideal for clarifier, bar screen and grit collectors, a direct replacement for H-78 and NH-78 chains.

SAV Hybrid Sprockets

SAV Hybrid Sprockets feature a hardened stainless steel tooth segment attached to a steel plate sprocket hub. Unlike typical segmented tooth sprockets where entire sections of the sprockets are disassembled, each individual tooth segment is replaced, making installation and replacement easy to perform with minimal effort. Precision shape, each segment is formed and checked for accurracy within extremely close tolerances. SAV Hybrid Sprockets are available in standard sprocket sizes for drive and idler locations. Exceptionally economical, the SAV Hybrod sprocket is the smart choice for use with SAV stainless chain. Non-Metallic plate sprocket hubs are available for idler shaft locations with sleeve bearing hubs for added low friction enhancement of your collector system.

Aluminum Flight

Environmentally friendly. The Aluminum Flight from Hitachi Maxco is the easiest flight to install as it eliminates drilling or notching and does not require filler blocks. Available in two styles, Regular (perfect for tank widths up to 24 ft) and Heavy Duty for tank widths of up to 40 ft! An optional neoprene extrusion slides into the slotted track for use as a squeegee and with just 6 locking plates to mount the extrusion installation is done in just minutes. The Aluminum Flight is for use with non-metallic or metallic chains. Perfect for high load collectors or where grit is a problem.

Wear Shoes

HMAX UHMW-PE Wear Shoes are designed for use in our standard, state of the art HMAX rectangular system and standard wear shoes applications. This material has been shown to be superior to all other typical wear shoe materials (based on ASTM G-65). Wear Shoes are also available in different materials;

  • Polyurethane
  • Cast Nylon
  • Polypro

Snap Idler Tensioner

Snap Idler Tensioner, is the quickest and easiest drive chain tensioner to install on the market today. Simply mount the free-floating assembly around the drive chain strand and using the adjustable side plates reduce slack in the chain to the optimum location. The Snap Idler assembly does not require any anchor bolts to locate and place, and can be used with a wide variety of chain types.

  • Non-Metallic Construction
  • Wear Blocks extends life of chain
  • No Anchors to Set
  • Minimal Debris Build-up in use
  • Easy to Install - requires basic hand tools
  • Available from Stock

Cast Nylon Headshaft Bearing

Featuring a Cast Nylon body with oil filled nylon bearing inserts. Self-aligning, split design allows for bearing replacement without removing shaft. Metallic shaft does not come into direct contact with the bearing material as a thick sleeve of non-metallic material is mounted on shaft ends, extending service life by providing low friction contact surfaces between shaft and bearing.

FRP / Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipe Assembly

HMAX Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipes feature a tube of FRP with a gel coated interior for easy release of grease or solids, limiting build-up. Wall bearings are made of long lasting UHMW-PE material. Lightweight, easy to install this scum pipe will eliminate all corrosion and unsightly build-up, common with carbon steel and even stainless steel pipes.

Stainless Spray Nozzle

Hitachi stainless spray nozzle has simple structure to make easier removing foreign materials. All parts are made of 300 class stainless steel to assure high corrosion resistance. Pin and screw were designed to have sufficient strength and durability.